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Flagstaff has some of the greatest weather that can be found in the whole world.  We get a touch of all four seasons, but not so much of each as to be overwhelming.  Check out the following sites to find out what our local weather will be today!

The Seasons Of Flagstaff
The Winter Season ranges from mid-October to as late as early June.  There is a regular pattern of snowfall, divided by days where the bright Arizona sun comes out.  There is rarely huge drifts within town, but the mountains are always covered. The ski season is usually very good, but varies due to occasional dry seasons. Usually there is at least one long week of brutal snow and wind each year, but the rest of the winter season is fairly mild.  We dabble in snow, but don't get bombarded by it.  We recommend chains and/or a four wheel drive, if you plan on visiting Flagstaff in the winter (just in case).  Flagstaff is truly a winter wonderland!
The Spring Season is a beautiful, but short-lived time of year in Flagstaff.  As the winter time drags on, sometimes dropping flakes of snow all the way into June, the spring seems to never catch up.  There are long stretches of late winter/early spring days that just can't be beat in between the cold spells.  The weather turns warm, but a breeze is always flowing through the mountainside. The trees and flowers begin to bloom, and people begin to come outdoors.   Spring is beautiful!
The Summer Season brings out the best in Flagstaff.  Nowhere in the world can there be more perfect temperatures both day and night.  The summer begins with a warm, dry spell that lasts into late June to early July, when the monsoons arrive.  Until then, we suggest you hit the hiking trails and enjoy the weather, but no campfires.  Once the monsoons arrive, we don't suggest you stop, just be more prepared.  Each day the weather turns to rain for about one hour, cools down the heat of the day, and hopefully puts a damper to the early summers' dry, fire season.  Camping, biking, hiking, climbing, boating,..., a weekend warriors paradise.   Join us!
The Fall Season slows things down in Flagstaff as the busy summer tourist season ends and the school year begins.  The weather slowly becomes colder, and the green of the summer begins to wane.  The leaves change, and the Aspen groves become a wonderland.   Reds, yellows, greens, and oranges are everywhere as fall takes out its color pallet and paints away the lush greens of the monsoon season.  The winds pick up and blowing leaves can be found everywhere. We highly recommend a midday picnic on the North side of the Peaks or in the Inner Basin where the Aspen groves are most prevalent.  And don't forget to bring the camera!

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Flagstaff Has Great Weather!

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