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Family Resource Center

The Center is sponsored by Flagstaff Schools to provide families a central location to access assistance for school related issues, workshops & trainings, and access to computers with internet availability.

Family Resource Center
1798 East Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ  86004
(928) 774-1103 / Fax (928) 774-1103

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Excel Education Centers

At Excel Education Centers, we prepare our students for the real world with an environment that emphasizes technology. From day one, you will be using computers for educational purposes and, in the process, become technologically competent.

At Excel, we specialize in teaching you the way you learn best. Do you find you understand things better when you read them in a book? When someone tells you? Or, by seeing and hearing information on television? Based on answers to these types of questions, an individual learning plan will be created for you at Excel.

Call today to see how we can help you realize your educational and personal dreams.

Excel Education Centers
2229 E. Spruce Ave
(928) 778-5764 / Fax (928) 778-7553

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The Bark Park

Taking the dog for a walk is usually a great time, but sometimes the dog gets into trouble. They bark at cars and cats, get loose, and are all around hard to handle. Well, now there’s a solution to the problem. The Flagstaff Pet Assistance League (FlagPAL) in cooperation with Parks and Recreation and Community Service workers have created the greatest place in the world to take your furry friend. They call it the BARK PARK. Whoof... In the Bark Park dogs (and people) are allowed to run around without their leashes in a safe, fenced, and clean environment. Your dog will have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, and find out what the "scoop" is today.

The Bark Park is located in the Thorpe Sports Complex at 600 N. Thorpe Rd. in front of the softball fields. If you have any questions feel free to contact Monique at 928-773-0645.

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Lowell Observatory.gif (3875 bytes)

Lowell Observatory offers educational programs for
student groups of all ages.  You can choose from over a dozen
programs, with topics ranging from comets and asteroids
to life on other worlds. Couple this with the hands-on
exhibit hall, gift shop and program extras such as telescope
viewing, science demonstrations and facilities tours,
and it makes for an educational and entertaining experience.

For More Information Contact:
Lowell Observatory
1400 W. Mars Hill Rd.
(928) 774-2096

Or check out their website at:

Lowell Observatory2.gif (37953 bytes)

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Flagstaff Roots and Shoots

Roots and Shoots is a non-profit program founded by Jane Goodall and designed to engage and inspire youth through education, activities, and service learning projects to show care and concern for the environment, animals, and the human community. There is  a local Flagstaff chapter which specializes in homeschool groups. For more information, contact:

Flagstaff Roots and Shoots
(928) 773-9744

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