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Flagstaff Central truly believes in promoting the local music community.
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4th World Entertainment
1201 E Ponderosa Pkwy 228
Flagstaff, Arizona  86001
(928) 699-9601
An indie record label who makes positive hip hop music and also assists in the distribution and promotion of many other musicians from all genres of music.

Scott E. Antes
(928) 527-4484
Original music various genres (esp. Blues & Rock) - Guitar

Les D. Argoff
Cat Black Band
(928) 607-0514
Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Country

Bill Barns
(928) 284-1023

Seymour Baumgartner
Day of the Dog
(928) 221-4207
A local rock band.

David Belcher
dB Sound Factory
(928) 635-9456
Fax (928) 563-0112
Solo Performer - Flute and Saxophone with great backing tracks.

Big Willie and The Polka Meisters
Fax (928) 774-1088
German Music for all Occasions

John Garza
Puro Pedo Productions
(928) 532-8426
Singer, Songwriter, Performer

Jake Gurley
(928) 525-3913

Jon Glenn / EZL
(928) 200-4107
live music

The Hank Tomlin Band
(928) 779-2966
Guitar and Voice

Donnie Holloway
(928) 606-2339


Harry Ingerick
(928) 714-0589
Acoustic Original Music

Vyktoria Pratt Keating
(540) 923-4394
Acoustic Guitar

Art Keshaw
(928) 280-9022

Stevey Keys
(928) 607-2939
killer keys, vocals, bass, recording

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Cindy Binkley
Slugs From Space
(928) 853-6060
Eclectic music for your wedding or other special occasion.

Dean Bonzani
(928) 774-9409
Pop Artist

Todd Boston
(928) 525-3991
Lead Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter

Scott Boynton
Polka Katzen
(928) 607-5650
Quality German Polka Music for any occasion

(928) 301-0804
Live band for events, parties, supper clubs & nightclubs

Bill Burke
(928) 714-0576
Appalachian and Old Time Music

The Buzzard Brothers
Grant "Brad" Gerver/Steve Rice
(928) 526-2741 / (928) 525-1829
Blues, Folk, and Rock - Lots of Original Tunes!
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Jeanie Carroll
Arizona DJ Music & More!
(928) 300-7092
Vocalist, Guitarist, Percussionist

Chuck Cheesman
Original folk music and children's music programs.

Stan Clark
Psyche's Playground
(928) 814-8856
Original Alternative Rock Recording & Performing Project

Killer Wail
(928) 779-3492
Atomic Surf Rock

The Knockabouts
(866) 923-4553
Fax (928) 255-5272
Arizona's premier traditional Celtic band.

Andrew A. Libby
(928) 213-0953
Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Cello, and Songwriting

Dave McGraw and Crow Wing
Singer Songwriter

Nolan McKelvey
get onus stay onus music
Singer and Songwriter - Original Music

Matthew Mellott
(928) 774-4658
Bari Sax

David Morgan
(928) 380-5758
Writes & Performs Political Satire

NAU Chorale
(928) 523-2642

NAU Jazz Studies
(928) 523-3779

Aaron Norris
(928) 707-2517

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Michael Cleveland - One Man Band
(928) 200-4152
Rock, Country, Blues, Oldies

Common Ground Blues
Phoenix, AZ
(623) 581-6777
Hot Modern Blues Band

Con Brio
(928) 380-1642
String Quartet music for all occasions. Con Brio provides music for weddings, receptions, private parties, etc.

Vincent Conti
(928) 556-0832
Song Stylist, Keyboards, Congas

Michael Contreras
Agape Echo Music
(579) 287-1019
Music Arrangements

Matthew Conyers
(928) 779-6442
Ambient, Drum, and Bass

(928) 853-3845
A local rock/blues cover band.

PO Box 30613
Flagstaff, Arizona 86003

(928) 526-0006
Punk Rock Grunge Music

(928) 634-8047
Hard Rock - playing a mix of hard hitting originals and covers done with their own upbeat twist.

Jim DeBusk
(928) 600-2537
Jazz/blues-inspired acoustic rock band

We can perform at your special event/party

Shawn Dennehy
(928) 699-9873
Guitar player/Songwriter/Music Producer
Music teacher at Thomas Byers Guitar Studio
Bandleader for Lucky Lenny

Robert Easson
(928) 226-9101
Acoustic Guitar

Tony Norris
(928) 526-6684
Appalachian and Old Time Music Storyteller and Cowboy Poet

Orchestra Northern Arizona
(928) 380-1642
Orchestra Northern Arizona is a community orchestra presenting free concerts for families. We are always looking for musicians of all ages and ability.

The Porchlights
(928) 213-0143
Original Folk Rock Music

Psycho Ranch Productions
(928) 525-4322
Fax (928) 714-0414
Professional audio recording studio

Pure Prophet 

Voted Best Local Band in 2001
Specializing in Classic Rock

Rebel Set
(928) 773-9693

Brian Sanders
(928) 523-2843
Saxophones, clarinet, flute. Swing, jazz, blues

Lance Santos
Acoustic - Blues, Folk, and Classic Rock

Carey Shelton
Center Unshaded
(928) 418-0694
Progressive Metal

The Shifters
(928) 853-2384
Flagstaff's Favorite Classic Rock Band

Sinagua HS Colorguard / Winterguard
3950 E Butler Ave
Flagstaff, AZ  86004
(928) 527-5552
Dance, Performance

(928) 213-1674
The Return of Rock

Joe Sorren
(928) 214-9980
Upright Bass

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Eddie R.
(928) 699-3546

Bryan Escobedo
(928) 853-7163
Experienced Rock Vocalist/Songwriter

George "The Recollector" Fischer
(928) 634-4440
Cowboy Poet and Storyteller

John L. Fisher
(928) 607-4683
Singer, Guitarist - Original, Traditional, 
and Contemporary Country Folk and Blues

Flagstaff Community Band
P.O. Box 2423
Flagstaff, Arizona 86002-2423
(928) 310-1237
Community Concert Band

Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music
P.O. Box 23366
Flagstaff, AZ  86002
(928) 526-5119 or (928) 525-3001
FFOTM promotes acoustic music and traditional dance through concerts, jam sessions, and monthly contra/square dances around the community.

Flagstaff Music Festival

Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra
113-A E. Aspen Ave.
P.O. Box 122
Flagstaff, AZ 86002-0122
(928) 774-5107
Fax (928) 774-5109

Symphony Concerts

The Flat Fives
(928) 779-7196
The Flat Fives are Northern Arizona's premier Jazz Standards, Ballads, Bossa Nova, Blues and Latin Jazz Quartet.

Slim Chance Foralaff
(928) 526-1905
Cowboy Poet

John Frank
(928) 213-9780

Singer and Songwriter

Joe Gallardo
"No Way Out" Band
(928) 380-7780
Classic, Progressive and Original Rock

Eric Souders
(928) 527-7949
Banjo Player
Check Out Music Highlights

Sounds Good Entertainment Mobile DJ
(928) 699-2184
Mobile DJ service for weddings, parties, events...

Lucas Stephen
Feel good Funk!! We are a ten piece band.

Steve Sutherby
(928) 779-0672
Guitar Instruction/All styles and Levels

Tom Tabback
(928) 282-4154
Golden Oldies Rock n' Roll Review.
Not your everyday band...this is a SHOW

Paul Taylor
Volcano Ukuleles

1005 W. Boulder Lane
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
(928) 301-2819
Manufacturing Ukuleles, Teaching Lessons, and Playing Music. We love to play for all kinds of events. Often you will find us downtown for the Artwalk, playing at NAU, or just jamming with friends around Flagstaff.

Unite 2006
3600 N 4th St
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
928) 526-1397

Vincent Z
(928) 525-2066
European Guitar

Whistlingwind Flutes & Music
Aaron White
(928) 774-3784

Native American Flutes & Music

Chris Wilkerson
 (928) 226-0011
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Peter Wrona
(928) 221-3234
Pop and Rock Euro Cafe Solo Piano and Vocals

Craig Yarbrough
(928) 213-0752
Classic Guitar Instruction and Performance

Tim Young
(646) 263-5915
Original Acoustic Rock

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