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Flagstaff Central's highlights of local authors. We specialize in listing Flagstaff authors and booksellers within our Entertainment Section.

Hayward Allen
Blue Lake Creative
(928) 774-2501

Todd Berger
(928) 635-9305
Northern Arizona history

George Breed
(928) 600-2097
Author, Seminar Leader

Tom Carpenter
(928) 779-4239

Becky Coffield
(928) 684-5231
Suspense, Nonfiction, Presentations

Cosmic Ray
(928) 779-1092
Trail Guides

Brad Dimock
(928) 774-8853
River Rafting / Nature Books

Diamond Creek Press
(928) 526-2552
Outdoor Survival Books, DVD's and Guides


Toni McConnel
Word Sculptors

(928) 607-5216
Coaching & Workshops for Writers

Tony Nester
PO Box 2068
Flagstaff, Arizona 86003-2068
(928) 526-2552
Outdoor Survival and Wildness Skills - Field Guides

Aaron Norris
(928) 226-1194

The Northern Arizona Book Festival
Click here to view past websites

Wayne Ranney
(928) 779-1596
Earth science writer focusing on the Southwest.

Melanie Rawn
Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Jennifer Roberson
Fantasy / Science Fiction and Historicals

Christa Sadler
This Earth Press
(928) 774-8436
Natural History

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A Flagstaff Central Web Design Client
JT Sawyer - Zombie Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Fiction Books
JT Sawyer - Zombie Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Fiction Books

Karen Ely
PO Box 127
Sedona, Arizona 86339
(928) 254-1897

Women's Spirituality Retreats, Guides, and Books

Mary Fisher
(928) 282-5960
Artist, Author, Speaker and AIDS Activist

Charlie Horton
(928) 699-0151
Holistic Healing and Spirituality
"Three Simple Questions"

Rose Houk
(928) 774-5633
Nature Books

James Jay
(928) 814-9313

Richard and Sherry Mangum
(928) 774-8800
Nature Books / Trail Guides / Historical Novels

David Daze Seals
(928) 526-9143
Novels, Stage and Screen Plays, Essays,
Film and Stage Producer

Richard Sidy
(928) 284-9055
Culture, Poetry, and Education.

Jan Sitts
(928) 282-9190
Mixed Media Art Books

Scott Thybony
(928) 774-9602
Nature Books

Dennis Wall
(928) 714-1906
Nature Guides

Ellen Winter
(928) 354-2656
Short Story Fiction

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